SXSW 2012 Daily Buzz Day 5: A retrospective lookbook

#1- Hot Topics Roundtable with Mekado Murphy (NY Times), Marc Malkin (E! Online), Clay Smith (writes for Sundance Film Festival and SXSW websites, Literary Director of TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL) and Tim Basham (PASTE MAGAZINE).

#2- STARLET Film Interview Segment with the lovely Dree Hemingway and Sean Baker

#3- More with the STARLET team

#4- SXSW Grand Jury Prize Winner, GIMME THE LOOT’s Adam Leon, Tashiana Washington, Ty Hickson and Meeko

#5- More with the GIMME THE LOOT team

#6- The Ross Brothers (Bill and Turner) talk about their film TCHOUTIPOULAS

#7- More with the Ross Brothers

#8- A discussion of what makes up the film $ELLEBRITY with Kevin Mazur

#9- Festival Veterans from INDIEWIRE. Dana Harris, Eric Kohn, Nigel Smith talk the buzz!

#10- More BUZZ.  BuzZ.

SXSW 2012 Daily Buzz Day 4: A retrospective lookbook

#1-Eugene just found out we can’t use the private room and we have to shift gears this morning, onto Plan B!

#2-Hot Topics Roundtable Segment with Mark Olsen (LA TIMES), Mark Asch (THE L MAGAZINE), and Michael Tully (HAMMER TO NAIL).

#3-Special Festival Segment with Alamo Drafthouse’s CEO, Tim League 

#4-DECODING DEEPAK’s director, Gotham Chopra

#5-Filmmaker Segment with JEFF director, Chris James Thompson and real life detective, Pat Kennedy

#6-Discussing the filmmaking process with GAYBY team, Jonathan Lisecki, Jenn Harris, and Matthew Wilkas.

#7-More with the GAYBY team

#8-Festival Veteran segment with Morgan Spurlock. Eugene just found out about the HULU announcement and shares the news!

#9-Our makeshift studio booth didn’t allow room for mic stands so we improvised with the use of a denim jacket to cushion the mics (which also served as a coaster for  Morgan’s fruity boba drink).  

#10-We just can’t get enough of Morgan Spurlock!

SXSW 2012 Daily Buzz Day 3: A retrospective lookbook

#1-Hot topics roundtable guests: Mark Bell (FILM THREAT), Farihah Zeman (HUFFINGTON POST), and David Hudson (MUBI)

#2-Marjorie Baumgarten (AUSTIN CHRONICLE) joins the roundtable.

#3-SMALL APARTMENTS’ Johnny Knoxville (Actor) and Jonus Akerlund (Director)

#4-SMALL APARTMENTS’ Johnny Knoxville pauses to reflect on Eugene’s question

#5-GMD Studios’ CEO, Brian Clark arrived early and waits for his segment 

#6-SMALL APARTMENTS’ screenwriter, Chris Millis joins the conversation

#7-Chris Millis signs our SXSW poster

#8-One on one with GMD Studios’ Brian Clark

#9-Coffee break with GIRL MODEL’s Ashley Sabin

#10-GIRL MODEL’s David Redmon and Ashley Sabin

SXSW 2012 Daily Buzz Day 2: A retrospective lookbook

#1-THE ANNOUNCEMENT’s director, Nelson George

#2- Hot Topics Roundtable journalists: Chris Kelley (FT WORTH STAR TELEGRAM) and Jay Fernandez (THR)

#3- FAT KID RULES THE WORLD (SXSW Audience Award winner) director, Matthew Lillard and Cast

#4- One on one with FAT KID RULES THE WORLD’s Matthew Lillard

#5- SXSW’s Janet Pierson hanging out with filmmakers in the narrow hallway at the MC

#6- Minor technical difficulties halted the show for a few minutes, but with the help of the FAT KID team we figured out the problem and kept moving along…

#7- Eugene’s iphone saves the day!

#8- SXSW veterans- Janet Pierson (SXSW Producer) with THE BABYMAKERS duo, Jay Chandrasekar and Kevin Heffernan

#9- Up close and personal during the Festival Veteran segment with Janet Pierson (SXSW)

#10-Get Glue’s CEO, Kimber Myers

Day 1: Behind the scenes at the Midnight Cowboy

The show must go on!  Not even the rain slowed us down! 

#1- Our fearless host, Eugene Hernandez 

#2- Water, water everywhere … 

#3- We are gonna get wet! 

#4- Big rain, big welcome to Austin to start off the 2012 SXSW Film Festival

#5- Cleanup crew 

#6- No Coffee, but make a reservation to come back later tonight for drinks. The Midnight Cowboy will be open and ready for business.  

#7- The Midnight Cowboy was the ideal great place to broadcast The Daily Buzz. Thanks Bill and Brian for all of your help!

#8- Official 2012 SXSW Posters with the autographs + drawings, courtesy of our guests

#9- Midnight Cowboy is a great setting of brick and an old “Texas” feel. 

#10- THE LAST FALL’s Matthew Cherry 

SXSW 2012 Daily Buzz Day 1: A retrospective lookbook

#1- It’s raining in Austin and we’re kicking off the first day with Hot Topics Roundtable Guests: Anne Thompson (INDIEWIRE’s TOH), Aaron Hillis (GREEN CINE Daily), Jen Yamato (MOVIELINE) at the Midnight Cowboy (MC)

#2- Discussing how the project evolved with THE SHEIK AND I’s director, Caveh Zahedi

#3- Our host, Eugene Hernandez, masters multi-tasking with an iPad and an iPhone while conducting interviews 

#4- Former NFL player, Matthew Cherry (director of THE LAST FALL) in the “green” room at the MC 


#6- And then the water started to rise, the background noise in the podcast is actually a shop vac. They’re trying to get the rid of the water before the grand opening later tonight. 

#7- THE LAST FALL’s Matthew Cherry and lead actor, Lance Gross

#8- THE LAST FALL’s Matthew Cherry and lead actor, Lance Gross